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Download X-Ray vision texture pack for Minecraft PE and you will be able to see through blocks and walls. This makes it much easier to find ores and items.

Texture for X-Ray vision in MCPE

Every player would like to know where the most ore is located in the game. This is especially true of Diamonds, because finding them can be very difficult and time consuming.

At such moments, X-ray vision will help players. Users will literally be able to see through the blocks. Only valuable ores and items will be displayed. Players will be able to find even structures.


In the texture settings, you can configure how the textures work. There are different states of the addon. You can set textures to only one block type. It’s incredibly convenient.

In order not to get confused in the settings, we advise you to pay attention to the icons for textures. Install them and package setup will be much easier.

Features of Xray textures in MCPE

Minecraft PE users have been desperately trying to get resources for several years now. And they want to do it as quickly as possible and in as large quantities as possible. That is why xray textures can help them.

X-ray vision, tuned specifically to search for a certain type of ore, will greatly facilitate the everyday life of ordinary players. It turns out that now you can see both through walls and cobblestones, and through the ground and everything that you select in the settings.

It is obvious that such textures are not completely honest. Therefore, it is still not recommended to use them on servers. You may be banned from Minecraft PE.

Version File

What is ther latest version of the texture?


What does exactly this texture change?

This Resource Pack makes the fire on you look lower and you can see better.

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