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Download interesting Money Texture Pack for Minecraft PE and learn a new currency, look at the colorful design of the banknote.

What is Money Texture Pack in Minecraft PE for?

Texture Pack helps to improve the external component of the world. Make all elements of the gameplay more vivid and memorable.

Sometimes users make their own adjustments by adding completely different textures to the map. For example, money will help diversify the trading process to some extent.

The usual emeralds have now been replaced by newfangled green banknotes. The developers even drew separate models for money in Minecraft PE.

Such diligence made it possible to avoid the occurrence of errors that often occur with poor-quality shadow rendering.


The appearance of the textures came out very bright and colorful. The money has acquired a green color, making it easy to compare it with the classic dollar.

In fact, it was this currency that the developers focused on when they created the presented add-on.

In Minecraft PE, money can drop from some mobs when dropping.

The developers have replaced the model of certain items with a new one. So now, in some cases, instead of gold, you will receive green banknotes.

Where to find?

Find money in Minecraft PE can now be found on every corner. Some of the valuable ores are now blocks, similar to a stack of sealed currencies.

By the way, this object also has a new texture. The overall color scheme remains the same. The block consists of small bills of green and swamp shades.

To extract a block with money, you can not use tools. With a simple touch, the stack will disintegrate and several stacks of currencies will appear in your inventory.

New currency

Textures completely replace models in Minecraft PE. Now instead of emeralds, villagers will require some amount of money.

When trading with piglins, mobs will also want to get a new currency, not gold bars.

How to install Money Texture Pack?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcpack extension

What does exactly this texture change?

Money Texture Pack helps to improve the external component of the world.

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