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Download the Low Fire Texture Pack for Minecraft PE and stop worrying about freezes next to the fire!

MCPE Texture Pack : Low Fire

Sometimes players in Minecraft need to deal with fire. Yeah we know, fire could find us anywhere : intentionally or accidentally. If there a thunderstorm, trees can be striked by lightning and it will cause a fire.



Or may be the player need to  ignite something? Crafting with flint and steel needs fire, we know it. In the end there is a lot of fire in Hell.


And what is the problem with a fire? In MCPE all actions with fire need too much FPS. The solution is the special texture pack which is called LOW FIRE


There are several textures in Low Fire Texture Pack for Minecraft PE.



Rainbow Texture Pack for Minecraft PE ia a great decision to our problems with fire in Minecraft. Among other things, the player can also choose the color of the fire. Do this while you create your world in Minecraft.


First of all you need to activate the pack’s textures. Then click on it and you will see gear that can help you to customise all settings. After this playres can enjoy playing Minecraft and do not worry about problems with fire and possible lags


PvP Helper

If the player is not so worried about the beauty of the fire and only speed is important to him, he can choose PvP Helper Texture Pack for Minecraft PE.


Unlike the Rainbow Texture Pack, with which you can customize the color of the fire, this pack reduces the number of freezes. If the game without lags is your priority goal – feel free to choose PvP Helper Texture Pack.


It should be noted that in this pack, in addition to fire, the sparkling red stone and other particles are also affected.


HD Low

But what to do if you want to have beautiful graphics and get rid of lags at the same time?


PvP Helper Texture Pack for Minecraft PE would be the perfect solution for this case.

This pack reduces the height of the fire texture, which greatly increases the speed, while the fire looks great


The player decides which Minecraft PE Low Fire Texture Pack to choose depending on the power of his device. You can download all described packs on our website in just a couple of minutes.



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Version File

What is ther latest version of the texture?


What does exactly this texture change?

This Resource Pack makes the fire on you look lower and you can see better.

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