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Download the best Faithful Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: updated blocks, mobs and improved hell are already in the game!

Faithful Texture Pack features in MCPE

Faithful is a very popular set of decorations for Minecraft PE, which improves the appearance of the game, making it more detailed.

The original style of the textures does not change, but only their resolution, which will definitely appeal to many players.


All blocks in the Faithful texture have become much prettier, now they are more clearly visible. Stones can be seen in the cobblestone, and various crushed stone and soil in the gravel. Also, the updated grass and trees greatly change the world of Minecraft PE.

When viewed from afar, the map looks ordinary. In fact, during the gameplay, you will notice that everything has become more detailed and more enjoyable.


Despite the fact that the mobs have not changed in any way, they still look more realistic in Faithful. Animals have become more distinct, for example, a pig has a tail, and a cow has horns, and so on.

Faithful makes creatures in Minecraft PE not only more detailed, but seems to bring them to life. If you set yourself a cool skin with a resolution of 128x, then your character will harmoniously fit into the world with these textures.


Everything in the Faithful resource pack is a visual treat. Holding a sword, pickaxe or any other tool in your hands, you will notice the difference. Also the food looks more natural.

Having increased the quality of textures by only 2 times, Minecraft PE began to look completely different. If you install high-quality shaders, then the cubic world turns into a modern game.

Hell Updates

Faithful’s decorations are in for a hell of an update. As you know, the lower world has been redesigned in Minecraft PE 1.16.0, so the developers have released a new version of their HD resource pack.

All new blocks and items have become better looking. Entering hell, you will see beautiful locations with better textures, and not a set of pixels that cause discomfort.

How to install Faithful Texture Pack?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcpack extension

What does exactly this texture change?

You will notice that everything has become more detailed and more enjoyable.

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