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Download the best textures on Among As for Minecraft PE and try on the role of an astronaut-explorer, become a hero of a popular game.

Among Us images in Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Many have heard about this simple game. According to the plot, there are only two roles: a traitor and ordinary crew members.

The textures offer to dwell on the last image. Therefore, in Minecraft PE, players will be able to wander around the world dressed as little minions.

It is worth noting that you will have a choice. So each player will choose for himself the image that he liked the most.

Textures are applied to the armor model. Therefore, when making equipment, an interesting novelty from Among As will appear on you.

Heroes of the game

The maximum number of Among Us players can reach 15 people.

Each of the heroes of the game goes about their own business: cleans the ventilation, optimizes the system, calculates the traitor, etc.

The Texture Pack has taken into account all these gameplay features, so that in Minecraft PE each hero will be dressed in accordance with their role on the ship.


As noted above, the look of the textures is very similar to the classic space suit. Which is not at all surprising, because the actions of Among As take place right in outer space.

Due to the fact that clothes are superimposed on standard armor, such equipment has endurance values.

In Minecraft PE, a spacesuit can even protect the player from taking damage. From which it follows that the supplement has several practical properties.


In Minecraft PE, it’s easy to get the outfit color you want by simply coloring the source material with the desired color.

Use standard dyes for this business: flower powders and ink.

You can change the colors on different parts of the equipment, and even combine them with each other.

Thus, with the help of textures it is quite easy to create your own unique design.

How to install Among Us Texture Pack?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcpack extension

What does exactly this texture change?

You can create you own hero from Among Us.

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