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Download Minecraft PE World Animals Mod: a huge number of new animals

Who doesn’t love animals? You can’t help but love them, especially in Minecraft PE, where they will not only become valuable food, but can also become your comrades. The World Animals mod introduces a huge number of new animals, most of which are characterized by increased aggression, but still quite easy to tame if you find the right approach. Some animals will even allow you to ride them, if you agree correctly.

World Animals Mod MCPE Highlights

All animals spawn in their respective biomes. Below are each mob’s characteristics, taming ability, and habitat.

The author decided not to confuse players and added an item that tames all tamed animals. Below is the crafting recipe.

Health: 70 units
Damage: 7 units
Spawn: Savannah and Jungle
Breeding: Sugar cubes
Taming: Golden Bone
Saddle available
Ability to equip a chest is available
Two types: Asian and African


Animals do not spawn naturally. You need a syringe to spawn them. With it, you can get the DNA of elephants. Then you need to create the mammoth DNA according to the recipe below and inject it back into the elephant, after which the mammoth will appear. Mammoths can be tamed and equipped with an elephant saddle.

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