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Warden has already appeared in Minecraft and has been liked by almost all users of the blocky world. This addition used to be just a concept for a mob, but now it improves its behavior and adds new features to the Keeper. The Warden Armor mod adds Warden armor and a lot of other stuff. The official update won’t have that element, but it’s still worth a try.

Warden cow

The author decided to add a Varden cow. The mob is needed exclusively for the extraction of leather and horn of the Varden. In addition, you can get meat. When using scissors, you will receive a varden horn, but the cows will turn into normal ones.

The armor is similar in protection to diamond or netherite armor, but the durability is much higher, as is the resistance.

The Warden Sword deals 31 damage, can be enchanted, and has high durability.

Spider Skalk

Drops a rock spider eye, varden skin, or varden horn with a rare chance
Can create a rock apple: grants regeneration 6, resistance, immunity to fire and absorption for 6 seconds
Spawn: jungle
Eating a Skalker’s Eye grants a Darkness effect for 30 seconds.

Changes in the new version
Added varden from new versions
Added glow to armor
Added a spider

How to install Warden Armor Mod?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcaddon extension

What does exactly this mod change?

The mod adds Warden armor and a lot of other stuff.

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