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Download the mod for different Hulkbusters for Minecraft PE! The add-on adds an Iron Man suit to the game world to fight the Hulk.

Hulkbuster mod for MCPE

Iron Man is considered one of the coolest and most brilliant scientists. He was able to create various devices, including suits. Each of them has a special functionality. Would you like to try one of them? Then there is an option!

After installing the mod, a special Iron Man suit will appear in the game world. Tony Stark developed it to suppress the Hulk. The costume has a number of possibilities. The user can even fly.

How to get?

To get a costume, create a special device. It will make a new suit.


There are different abilities. Players will be able to shoot beams and use different power-ups. To take off, the player needs to jump up and click on the acceleration.

For proper operation, you need to enable the Experimental game mode!

Version File

What is ther latest version of the texture?


What does exactly this texture change?

This Resource Pack makes the fire on you look lower and you can see better.

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