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Download Minecraft PE Food’s Plus Mod: the more food in the game, the easier it will be to survive

What does the Food’s Plus Mod do

The lack of food in MCPE is getting weaker with each update. Players have already learned how to build farms and actively grow mobs or plants. One way or another, the Food’s Plus mod will help you survive. The more food in the game, the easier it will be to survive. The assembly includes more than 600 types of food. It has everything from baked goods to full meals. Most of them are available in survival mode.

Addon is best suited for role-playing games.


9 new creatures that drop food. Pigs, bulls, boars, bears, turkeys, rats and ducks can be found in the plains biome.

Fish and other sea creatures appeared in the oceans and seas.
Lion fish, catfish, tuna passive
Sharks attack players, but are afraid of the undead and wolves

Farm transport

Help to harvest. Can be found when fishing, in villages or dungeons. Also, everything can be obtained in the creative menu.
Tractors: appear most often. All cultures can be harvested
Combines: the accelerated version of the tractor
Mowers: quite common and used for certain types of crops

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