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Download Flash Mod for MCPE: transform into a unique superhero created by the DC studio and experience his incredible speed, capable of even slowing down time.

What does the Flash Mod bring to MCPE?

Flash Mod for MCPE

Anyone who has ever watched a superhero movie would want to step into the shoes of these incredible beings. Thanks to mods, every DC film studio fan can now explore new and exciting possibilities. The Flash mod enables players to become a super-fast Minecraft character.


One of the earliest Flash Mods for Minecraft PE, it adds special armor to the player’s inventory. Equipping this armor allows Steve to move through the world at an incredibly fast pace. Being a superhero is energy-consuming and requires ample resources, especially in survival mode. To use this mod, the player needs the following items in their inventory:

  • 1 gold ingot;
  • 20 redstone dust;
  • 1 diamond sword;
  • 19 blocks of red wool.
    Through this modification, the player gains super speed, super jump, and improved health indicators. Additionally, a special weapon is introduced that can eliminate enemies with a single strike.

Justice League Evolve

With this Flash Mod, new creatures are introduced into the game, significantly diversifying the gameplay. Each of these creatures can be added using spawn eggs, with crafting recipes provided in the inventory. The player can tame these characters and take them on journeys across the blocky world of Minecraft PE.

To create Flash, the player will need purple dye and an egg. The hero can be tamed with the help of a golden nugget.

Apart from positive superheroes, hostile mobs are also added to the game, including Steppenwolf, Outriders, Black Adam, Darkseid, Solomon Grundy, and the Joker.

3D Batman Armor

This Flash Mod introduces a well-designed, volumetric armor representing the DC comics hero. The armor has a distinct appearance. To change the appearance of the armor, the Minecraft PE player must fill a cauldron with water, add dye and a leather breastplate to the water. If done correctly, lightning-like stripes will appear on the suit.

In addition to the Flash, the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel, and Wonder Woman also make appearances in the game.

Flash Items

This mod enables the player to embody the powers of the Flash, including the ability to slow down time, bullets, creatures, and more. The main feature of the addon is a special item – a ring that empowers users with new abilities.

Holding the ring grants strength to the player, and interacting with it summons the appearance of the suit.

If the character uses these abilities without wearing the suit, it will cause negative effects on him.

MOD File


Download the file and launch it in your Minecraft PE application.


Ensure that the experimental game mode is enabled to ensure proper functionality.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 06 august 2023
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang

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