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Download Dungeons Mod for MCPE: encounter fresh denizens within the blocky universe and embark on explorations through distinctive subterranean formations.

What does the Dungeons Mod bring to MCPE?

Numerous developers endeavor to introduce a unique cave mode to Minecraft PE, and the creators of the Dungeons Mod have succeeded remarkably in achieving this goal.

Adventurers will have the opportunity to delve into extraordinary environments and encounter novel, exceptionally unconventional creatures within the blocky realm. Additionally, heroes will wield a variety of extraordinary items, weaponry, and gear.

Venture into the depths of underground caves, but exercise caution as they are inhabited by diverse creatures. For instance, within the sewers, one might encounter a Slime Zombie, a more formidable variation compared to the original version.


Crafting is the core feature of this Dungeons Mod update, promising a broader expanse in the blocky world. With the emergence of new biomes, structures, and mobs, an array of incredible adventures awaits every player in this realm.

Minecraft PE will offer a fresh appearance, inviting users to rediscover its landscapes. Amidst this transformation, extraordinary mobs will surface, among them, formidable and hazardous adversaries.

In order to confront these challenges, the creators recommend utilizing a photon sword. The essential material for crafting this weapon can be obtained in the Crystal Biome. Additionally, donning Energy Armor will substantially bolster the player’s defenses, rendering them nearly invincible.


The recent Dungeons Mod update introduces an array of peculiar beings into Minecraft PE. One such entity is the Nameless One, spawning distinct skeletons and possessing formidable health. Conversely, the Whisperer boasts elongated and robust arms but poses less of a threat to the hero.

Moreover, there are incredibly advantageous mobs like the Scarecrow. It serves as a practice dummy for players. Notably, all these creatures are summoned solely using summoning eggs.

Interestingly, the creators endowed them with impressive animations and distinctive sounds. Every detail of these creatures has been meticulously crafted, rendering them visually striking and thoroughly captivating.

New Adventures

This Dungeons Mod update is a treasure trove for all adventurers. It introduces radiant limestone caverns teeming with scorpions and shroom elves to the cubic universe.

Additionally, players can venture into the slimy sewers, home to a fresh breed of zombies. To aid heroes in confronting these new adversaries, Minecraft PE will feature a range of fresh gear and numerous distinctive items.

Embark on an expedition today by installing this update. Don’t overlook activating Experimental Mode to fully enjoy all the innovative aspects.

MOD File
Dungeons Mod DOWNLOAD


Download the file and launch it in your Minecraft PE application.


Ensure that the experimental game mode is enabled to ensure proper functionality.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 17 december 2023
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang

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