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Download Burning Lands Mod for Minecraft PE: new biomes, mobs, and items for MCPE.

What is Burning Lands Mod in MCPE?

Not enough cool stuff in the Nether? Next, the Magnificent Burning Lands mod brings you new biomes, mobs, and items for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now survival in hell becomes more interesting and deep. To enable some features, you need to enable the “Wildlife Update” slider.


Players will meet dark and bloody biome with bones. Such biomes are very dangerous, but dont be affraid. Battle with them eill be very interresting. Difficulty is normal.

Also you need to deal with glowing biome with bushes and fire growths.

Lava Swamp

Generates lava mangroves and hell reeds

Lava Turtle

Walks on lava like a strider
There is a children’s option
Can be upgraded with an iron saddle or upgrades
Eating hell sugar
Spawn: lava swamps
Health: 50 and 15 units in adults and children
Damage: 5-12 units

Items in Burning Lands Mod

Glowing Amulet: fireflies do not attack when held
Rotten Boomerang: can be thrown to collect items
Fragment of the Undead: to obtain, you need to find the bones, overgrown with flesh, and cut them off (30% chance)
Lava Turtle Shell Fragment: dropped when the Lava Turtle hatchling grows up
Lava Turtle Helm: immune to Fire
Lava Turtle Shield: blocks 80% damage, does not break
Glowing Crystal: crafted with 9 Glowing Crystal Shards

Glowing Staff: fires projectiles that spawn 3 allied bugs (40 second cooldown)
Hell Sugar: crafted from Hell Cane, can be eaten
Hell’s sugar on a stick: used to control the turtle
Lava Turtle Upgrades: iron Saddle can be found in Ruined Portals or Piglins

Rotten Skeleton

Health: 20 units
Spawn: land of flesh
The fewer parts a skeleton has, the faster it is.

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