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Download Minecraft PE Trail Chambers for Android with a working Xbox Live: go hunting with wolves!

What’s new in Minecraft

In the beta version of Minecraft, new items, blocks and mobs were added that will improve the gameplay. A new weapon has appeared that can kill enemies with one blow. New items and mobs have been added to add variety to your gameplay.


An excellent option for collecting strong items in Minecraft is storage.

It is found when going through test rooms, but you can’t just open it.

To open the box, gamers need to find a copper key. A master key will help you look inside and get what you want.

It is worth remembering that you can pick up the contents only once and there is no repeat attempt.


The main problem with Minecraft was the enemies. Mojang did their best by creating a new enemy and reworking the old one. Stuck, for example, is a mixture of drowned and skeleton, with its own unique properties.


The mace is a new weapon that deals physical damage in Minecraft PE It brings to the game a mechanic where you need to perform attacks in free fall. The mace’s damage will be increased depending on the height of your fall. Your task is to hit a mob or player an instant before landing in order to completely transfer all your landing damage to the enemy and stay alive.

Wolf breeds

Breeds of wolves appeared in Minecraft Now in the game, in addition to the usual light gray wolf, you can find 8 more wolves of different colors. Each breed of wolf lives in its own biome. All of them can be tamed using a bone, wearing armor and repainting the collar. Also, if you cross different wolves, the puppy will look the same as the wolf you fed first.


If the main character is worried about the health of his new dogs in Minecraft, he can come to the armadillo for help. This mob is capable of dropping scales while moving.

They do not appear often, and if the player is going to have a lot of animals, he will have to produce an armadillo farm.

Fact: The mob prefers to avoid combat.


The slimy and nasty skeleton swamper now roams Minecraft

Equipped with a bow and a quiver full of poisonous arrows.

A very slow mob when shooting and with a rather meager supply of vitality.

Like any creature in Minecraft PE, upon death, it throws out a small amount of projectiles and mushrooms.


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❓What are new items in this update?

The slimy and nasty skeleton swamper now roams Minecraft

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 28 m1arch 2024
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 190 Mb

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