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Download Minecraft PE Trail Chambers for Android with a working Xbox Live: new dog breeds, dog armor, armadillo, bogged and wind shell.

What’s new in Minecraft

The developers made an effort and released the Minecraft PE 1.20 build. Along the way, users will meet new and interesting mobs, such as Swampman, Breeze and Armadillo.

In addition, a number of changes were made, an updated design of the Servers item, and a correction of the drop of various resources when extracted by Luck.

Mojang shared the news that a hardcore mode will be added soon. Your pet’s armor can be painted in different colors.

Each biome received a unique type of wolf.

The developers also added improved navigation to the menu, a new appearance and the ability to set up your own server.

Wolf armor

Wolf armor is available in Minecraft, which can be equipped on your wolf. It is made from armadillo shell, and it can also be repainted. You can only put armor on your personal dog; use scissors to remove the armor.


A new mob has appeared in the normal world of Minecraft PE, which spawns in the savannah. This is a peaceful animal that can hide under its shell and imitate a block. When an armadillo turns into a block, it cannot be attacked. A unique feature of the armadillo is its ability to scare spiders.

Test rooms

While digging in the mines, a Minecraft player may stumble upon test rooms. This location is quite capable of changing the player’s level of development due to the fact that it contains many new elements.


The main problem with challenge rooms in Minecraft PE1.20.80.21 are the opponents. All of them are very unpleasant, and they also have a large number of extra characteristics.

For example, the stuck one, despite the fact that he is a skeleton, is different from his fellows:

  • Higher movement speed;
  • less shooting cooldown;
  • the attack inflicts a poison effect that persists even after death.


In Minecraft, tuff is a slightly less popular building material than copper. However, it is still beautiful and can be customized by the player in Stonecutter.

Fact: to clear the stone of the resulting plaque, Steve only needs to click once on the block, with an ax in his hands.


A new and dangerous mob is Breeze, which uses the power of the wind in Minecraft 1.20. It attacks with wind projectiles that can hit an area and knockback opponents. However, it is possible to take cover behind a regular wall, as these charges do not pass through obstacles.

After defeating the creature, the player will receive its ammunition in the amount of 4 to 6 pieces, which will allow them to be used against him.

The crafter can also use Wind Charges to overcome obstacles by throwing himself into the air.

Version File DOWNLOAD

❓How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

❓What are new items in this update?

A new and dangerous mob is Breeze, which uses the power of the wind in Minecraft 1.20. It attacks with wind projectiles that can hit an area and knockback opponents.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 07 march 2024
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 190 Mb

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