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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.10 Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: get new bamboo blocks, an acoustic sensor, the ability to decorate armor and bookshelves.

What’s new in Minecraft 1.20.10?

The update for Minecraft PE 1.20.10 has added new game features. There are more decorative blocks, a new version of the acoustic sensor for working with redstone. As well as the ability to decorate your armor using a template.

Bamboo blocks

For construction lovers in Minecraft 1.20.10, new blocks have been added that are made from bamboo. To create a block, you need 9 bamboo sticks. This block is similar to wooden boards, but has its own texture.

From bamboo blocks you can create: doors, slabs, hatches, fences and so on. If you press the block with an ax, you get a hewn bamboo block, which has its own unique texture.

Acoustic sensor

Minecraft PE 1.20.10 has a new acoustic sensor that can be calibrated. A feature of the sensor is that it can be tuned to a specific frequency of the redstone signal. The frequency is equal to the level of the redstone signal.

With a calibrated acoustic transducer, the redstone signal comes out on only one side. It reacts to the sound that the world makes, after which the sound is converted into a redstone signal.


Armor Decoration

For fans of customization in Minecraft 1.20.10, the ability to change armor has been added. This is done by analogy with shields. In order to decorate your breastplate, you will need a template and a blacksmith table.

The templates have a different pattern for which you can change the color. Patterned pattern can be found in dungeons around the world. The drawing itself on the template will depend on the biome where it was found and have the attributes of this area.


Minecraft 1.20.10 has a carved bookshelf. Its feature is the ability to put up to 6 books on its own. As you fill with books, the shelf will change its appearance.

When you click on a shelf, it emits a redstone signal. This feature can be used to create mechanisms. To create a new shelf, you will need 6 planks and 3 wood slabs.

Version File
1.20.10 DOWNLOAD

❓How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

❓What are new items in this update?

For fans of customization in Minecraft 1.20.10, the ability to change armor has been added.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 28 july 2023
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 190 Mb

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