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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.70 for Android with a working Xbox Live: cherry biome, camels, sniffers and archeology are already available in the game!

Minecraft 1.19.70 Release

The Mojang Studios development team has put a lot of effort into improving the stability of the game so that players can play in the cubic world without any problems. The developers have identified several areas that require attention in Trails & Tales.

One of the biggest improvements in Minecraft 1.19.70 is the introduction of new biomes, mobs, items and tools. Now the game will be much more interesting and will gain some variety.

Cherry biome

The developers present a new biome in Minecraft 1.19.70, which adds a bright and colorful addition to the game. This new area is filled with cherry trees that can be used to pick cherries, build different structures with wood, and explore the new landscape.

Interesting: The grove in the Trails and Tales update is also home to several species of wild animals. Foxes are common in this biome and can often be seen hunting for food or hiding in the grass. In addition, rabbits, sheep and cows graze in the fields.

There will also be a new type of wood that can be harvested from cherry trees and used to craft a variety of items, including planks, slabs, stairs, and fences. It has a reddish brown color and a unique texture that makes it stand out from other woods in the game.


One of the main additions of the Trails & Tales update in Minecraft 1.19.70 is the introduction of new blocks and items that can be used when excavating. New items include pottery, clay figurines, and other artifacts that can be found in the sand. These things can be used to create decorative items and artifacts.

Suspicious sand

Trails and Tales in Minecraft 1.19.70 a new block has been added – suspicious sand. It has been introduced into the game as part of the new archaeological mechanics.

The new type of sand looks like normal, but with some features. Unlike the standard one, Suspicious Sand contains clay bowls, which can be found when the player starts excavating it. The bowls come in different types and shapes and can be used as decorative items.


In Minecraft 1.19.70, a new item has been added – a brush. It serves to excavate artifacts that can be found in sandy biomes.

The brush in Trails & Tales is used to excavate ancient artifacts that are stationed in the desert. Players must use it on suspicious blocks to unearth the bowls. The more items found, the more experience the user will receive. Artifacts can be of various kinds, and they can be used as decorative items as well as in various recipes.


One of the representatives of the living entities of the Paths and Tales update branch in Minecraft 1.19.70 is the sniffer. This mob is a dinosaur-like creature from prehistoric times. The main task of the sniffer is to search for new plants.

Sniffers have an unusual ability – they use their sense of smell to detect vegetation. These creatures can smell at a great distance, and due to this they are able to quickly find previously unexplored flora.


Camels were added to Minecraft in version 1.19.70 and became part of the Trails & Tales update. They are mobs that are found in deserts and can be used as mounts or to carry cargo.

Camels have two hitboxes: a body and a head, which allow them to move and turn more smoothly and realistically. In addition, they can store up to 15 slots in their inventory and have a special ability, the ability to remove the thirst effect from the player when they are nearby.

Overall, the improvements made in Minecraft 1.19.70 have made the game more stable and reliable, with fewer bugs, crashes, and crashes. Players can now enjoy smoother gameplay in the Paths and Tales update, whether in single player or multiplayer mode.

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❓What are new items in this update?

Camels were added to Minecraft in version 1.19.70 and became part of the Trails & Tales update. They are mobs that are found in deserts and can be used as mounts or to carry cargo.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 27 APril 2023
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 150 Mb

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