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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: make your way through the mangroves, meet the updated Warden in the caves and mine echo shards to craft a restorative compass!

What’s new in Minecraft

Minecraft PE version belongs to the Wild Update branch. The Mojang team has tried to add useful features and fix bugs in the game.

Mobs get new properties and behavior improvements, and the Bedrock Edition biomes are getting closer to the PC edition.


The most dangerous mob in Minecraft, Warden, has become even closer to the java version, having received additional animations when injured.

The creature does not have vision, but clearly hears the player’s footsteps. The signal about the presence of guests in the cave is transmitted to the mob by a skunk-shriker.

Trying not to engage in combat in Warden, you should maintain silence for a minute, and the monster will calm down.

Elley, being Steve’s assistant, picks up the necessary blocks and objects. The developers in Minecraft PE endowed the items in the hands of the mob with the ability to emit light in the dark.

Elley, by the way, has a five-minute recovery period.

Blocks and items

On the Mangrove swamps of Minecraft, it’s hard not to notice that there are blocks of dirt everywhere. Now even under the grass blocks there is dirt, which adds naturalness to the cubic world.

Rock blocks are available in any quantity in the caves of the game world. If the player wants to use such blocks for their own purposes, it is worth taking a shriker and making an alarm out of it.

The restoring compass will become an assistant in finding the place of the last death of a Minecraft PE player. For crafting, you need to find fragments of the echo.


Developers from the Mojang team decided to add a dark effect to other dimensions of Minecraft From now on, users can get a similar effect in the End and the Nether.

It is worth noting the addition of the /locate biome command, which allows you to select the desired biome.

The developers have removed the vanilla and wild experiments toggles from the menu.

Version File DOWNLOAD

❓How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

❓What are new items in this update?

Rock blocks are available in any quantity in the caves of the game world.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 29 august 2023
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 174 Mb

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