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MCPE 1.19

You can install the new version update for Minecraft PE on the Android operating system right now. The kit includes: A number of small fixes that make the game work more stable; One technical improvement.

What’s new in this version of Minecraft

Thanks to the update package for Minecraft PE, the creator has successfully eliminated three significant bugs that often prevented you from enjoying the gameplay in the earlier version. The update package also includes some important improvements.

Developers in each new version constantly have to fix past errors, including various minor bugs related to the gameplay. Fortunately, gaming communities of fans promptly prompt programmers what else is worth paying attention to.

What bugs have been successfully fixed

Improved stability of all gameplay elements;
Fixed the soundtrack of the Boats;
Any item no longer moves when it hits water.

What updates have been made

Added a new update item that optimizes the entire gameplay;
Departures happen much less often.