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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: play along with spurt, oxidizing copper, falling stalactites and other interesting features.

What’s new in Minecraft

The developers of the Mojang studio continue to delight us with new products from the large-scale update “Caves and Rocks”. New ore has appeared in the game world of Minecraft PE, namely copper, as well as blocks of stalactite, stalagmite and a new mob – mountain goat and spurt. With this, exploring the caves became much more interesting for everyone.

New material

First of all, in Minecraft PE it is worth noting the appearance of a new material – copper. It can be used to make various copper blocks. However, these blocks tend to oxidize. In this case, the texture of these copper blocks will change.

To obtain copper, you need to smelt copper ore. It can be found in Minecraft at approximately the same height at which iron ores are generated. Thus, various modifications are no longer needed to obtain copper in the game.

From now on, when you kill a drowned person, instead of a gold bar, a copper bar will drop out.


A new ore that the developers decided to add to the world of Minecraft Copper ore differs from others in that it can oxidize. There are 4 oxidation stages in total.

This will happen regardless of weather conditions, but frequent rains will speed up the process slightly. From copper you can craft a huge number of useful items from the world of Minecraft PE


A new mob in Minecraft PE, which is extremely aggressive towards the player. However, the warden has no vision, so he can only identify his enemy by sound. It is this feature of this mob that the user can take advantage of by creating various noises in the cave.

For example, it is enough to throw a snowball at the wall to distract the warden. With the appearance of this creature, you should be very careful in caves and often walk while sitting. After all, he hears almost any rustle, and killing the warden is not an easy task.

It is recommended to use only ranged weapons when fighting the warden, as he deals a lot of damage.

Lightning rod

Many players are familiar with the situation during survival when lightning strikes a tree. After this, a big fire begins, which is very difficult to put out. In Minecraft you can now avoid such situations.

To do this, you just need to install a lightning rod nearby. This block attracts absolutely all lightning strikes within a radius of 64 blocks. At the same time, the lightning rod itself, when struck by lightning, emits a red stone signal with a maximum strength of 15.

Version File DOWNLOAD

❓How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

❓What are new items in this update?

A new mob in Minecraft PE, which is extremely aggressive towards the player.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 25 october 2023
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 140 Mb

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