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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: magnetite, warped forest, ruined portal and much more!

What has changed in Minecraft PE

Developers from Mojang Studios have released another Nether Update. In Minecraft they fixed a number of bugs. First of all, it affected the screen reader.

Warped forest

A new biome in Minecraft PE, which is inhabited only by the wanderers of the Edge. Therefore, the warped forest can be called the safest area in the Hell Dimension. After all, if you do not look in the eyes of an enderman, then he will not attack the user.

Therefore, it is at this location that you should start your survival. Distorted mushrooms also sprout here. With their help, you can tame striders and scare away hoglins.

Ruined Portal

When traveling through the normal or Nether world, the player may notice a destroyed portal. This structure in Minecraft is a small building. Near the destroyed portal there is always a chest with valuables, less often – a golden block.

The portal itself can be surrounded by hellstones, magma blocks, lava, and even stone bricks. Also, it is here that weeping obsidian is generated, which is needed to craft the respawn anchor.


With the help of magnetite in Minecraft PE, you can change the operation of the compass. Thus, this device will begin to point not to the user’s spawn point, but to the magnetite block. And this means that now you do not need to remember the coordinates of various places. It is enough just to use magnetite.

This block can be crafted from eight carved stone bricks and a netherite ingot. Netherite ingots can be obtained by fusing Netherite Scraps with Gold Ingots. If you break a block of magnetite, then the compass tied to it will begin to rotate randomly.


As you know, in Minecraft there is such a new mob as hoglin. It is the only creature in the entire Hell Dimension that drops meat upon death.


Version File DOWNLOAD

How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

What are new items in this update?

When traveling through the normal or Nether world, the player may notice a destroyed portal.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 14 july 2022
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 134 Mb

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