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Download Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and start your survival in the new Hell dimension!

What’s new in Minecraft PE Nether Update?

With the release of MCPE, the player, once in the Hell World, will see a completely different dimension. He will meet new biomes, mobs and blocks. From the past of the Lower World, only infernal bricks, lava and a couple of hostile creatures will remain.

But separately worth noting is neterite, which, in terms of quality and strength, leaves diamond behind. And things made from this material do not burn in lava.


In Minecraft, developers have added four new locations: basalt delta, soul sand valley, distorted and crimson forests. Below in the photo you can see the last three biomes.

Piglins and hoglins live in the crimson forest. Both are quite aggressive towards the player in Minecraft PE Nether Update. Piglins love gold and are willing to trade for it with the player, while hoglins are crimson mushrooms. By the way, with the help of the same mushrooms, you can propagate hoglins, but you should do this at your own peril and risk.

Once in the crimson forest, you can place distorted mushrooms around you so that the hoglins do not come close.

Brutal piglin

Brutal piglins are a more violent type of ordinary piglins in Minecraft Their main task is to guard chests with valuable resources in the remains of the bastion. Unlike ordinary piglins, brutal ones are not distracted by gold and are extremely aggressive towards the user.

They also use a golden ax instead of a crossbow in Minecraft PE In addition, brutal piglins have a lot more hit points due to the golden armlet on their arm.

Interesting fact: Only in the remains of the bastion can you find the Pigstep music disc.

Ruined Portal

With the release of Minecraft, both in the ordinary world and in Hell, you can encounter such an interesting structure as a destroyed portal. It is randomly generated and is a small building. In the photo below, you can see that this structure was generated right in the sea.r

Around the ruined portal, there are mainly weeping obsidian, nether bricks, magma blocks and stone bricks. Here you can also see a chest with valuables. By the way, the ruined portal is the only place where Weeping Obsidian spawns naturally.

Using the /locate ruinedportal command, you can get the coordinates of the Ruined Portal structure.

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How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

What are new items in this update?

Unlike ordinary piglins, brutal ones are not distracted by gold and are extremely aggressive towards the user.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 09 july 2022
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 125 Mb

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