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Download Minecraft PE and get to know new smart mobs, their houses and blocks.

What appeared in MCPE

The new version of Minecraft PE was aimed at changing the behavior of mobs. This was to be expected, because the Bees & Honey update brought with it a mob with a unique behavior script.

Beta versions released after Minecraft Pocket Edition were a “testing ground” for bees. The tests were successful and now Mojang plans to gradually introduce a modern scripting engine for all mobs, making them smarter.


At the moment, the most complex behavioral algorithm belongs to bees. Although they should make the world of Minecraft more balanced, the main task of the developers was to test the new behavior model. It has more than 10 behavior scenarios and is able to adapt to any situation.

That is why they will soon be introduced into all mobs. The meaning of the existence of bees is to collect honey and pollinate flowers. Their pollination is like bone meal (due to this, plants grow quickly).

Honey is stored in hives. In rainy weather, buzzing creatures hide in hives. If you attack one bee, or accidentally damage the hive, the swarm will attack the one who did it.

Cell blocks

These are the only items in Minecraft that were not mentioned at Minecon Earth 2019. Perhaps this is due to the fact that honeycomb blocks do not have particularly important functions.

In the game, they are decorative blocks, and despite being crafted from honeycombs, they cannot store honey. The topic of honey storage is still being discussed, but we will definitely not see any changes in the cellular in this thread.


New blocks in Minecraft PE, the functions of which are limited only by the player’s imagination. Their sticky property enables these objects to participate in complex mechanisms.

Honey blocks are able to stick to themselves several objects at the same time. Falling it, although it will not save you from damage, will reduce it to a minimum (according to official information, damage is reduced to 80%).

In addition, they can be used as a trap, because any entity passing through them will slow down.

Wild hives

For a more detailed analysis of the script for new mobs in Minecraft, it was decided to provide the bees with everything they need.

The hives play a very important role in the life of bees. It is they who are the repository for honey, and it is they who protect these creatures from danger.

Buzzing Wild Houses are most often found near flower fields, but the tree still has a 5% chance to generate a hive. If you want to get it, then use a weapon enchanted with a silk touch or scissors. In this case, the bees inside and the honey will be preserved.

Homemade beehive

These houses in Minecraft can be crafted from 3 honeycombs and 6 planks of any tree. They are introduced into the game with the aim of simplifying the observation of bees.

As with wild insect homes, honey can accumulate and be harvested. But this can be done if the hive has reached level 3.

Skin editor

A new feature from Mojang has made the gameplay easier for all Bedrock Edition players. It allows you to quickly edit the image of classic skins (Alex and Steve) and change them beyond recognition.

The editor in Minecraft provides the ability to change the height of the skin, eye color, hairstyle, limbs and clothing style. There are currently over 100 free options available.

What’s new in

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock were a change in the behavior of mobs. There was work on the stability of the game, but the priority at the moment is the scripting engine. The changes were in terms of:

  • Air blocks no longer prevent Minecraft’s regeneration system from spawning mobs. Basically, these air blocks were on the Y-axis (height of the blocks). Fixes are planned for future releases.
  • Fixed the animation of the parrot being on the player’s shoulder. Now, when moving, it will be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where nearby wolves could not breed.


  • Adjusted the texture of wild and homemade hives. The 3D model has been completely redone.
  • Honey bottles are now ‘Nature’ instead of ‘Item’ as they were before.
  • Major bug fixes haven’t been seen in a long time. While work is progressing on the correction of details. After their finalization, it remains to wait for a new Minecraft PE update branch.
Version File DOWNLOAD

How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

What are new items in this update?

The hives play a very important role in the life of bees. It is they who are the repository for honey, and it is they who protect these creatures from danger.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 04 may 2022
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 80 Mb

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