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Download Minecraft PE 1.14.1 for Android with a working Xbox Live and play with bees, honey and more.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.14.1?

This time, the developers of the Mojang studio have added bees and everything connected with them. Now in Minecraft PE 1.14.1 you can build beehives, extract honey, breed bees and much more.


Bees are neutral, miniature mobs in Minecraft PE 1.14.1. This happens exactly until you hit the bee, or try to break the bee’s nest. After that, a whole swarm of aggressive bees will chase after you.

If it so happened that the bee stung you, then the effect of poisoning will appear. The insect itself will die within a minute, just like in real life.

Bees reproduce using any kind of flowers in Minecraft PE 1.14.1, and their pollination is similar to bone meal. During rain, as well as at night, the insect flies to its hive.

Bee dwellings

There are 2 options here, either the bee lives in a beehive or in a bee nest. They differ in that the latter cannot be crafted. Hives can be built in Minecraft PE 1.14.1 as follows:

Fact: hives have 5 levels, on 3 of which you can start collecting honey.

Other blocks

Also, with the advent of Minecraft PE 1.14.1, honeycomb and honey blocks were added to the game. Cellular blocks do not carry any functionality in themselves, and are crafted from 4 honeycombs.

Thanks to the honey block, you can soften the fall from a height and avoid damage.

Another advantage is that thanks to honey, you can move not only the block in front, but also the neighboring block. It works on the principle of a slime block.

Bottle of honey

The honey bottle is a new product in Minecraft PE 1.14.1. It restores 6 hunger points. At the moment, this is the most satisfying food in the entire game.

You can get it when emptying full bee nests, hives. Or craft it yourself from sugar and copper blocks.

Version File

How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

What are new items in this update?

Thanks to the honey block, you can soften the fall from a height and avoid damage.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 11 may 2022
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 80 Mb

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