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Download Minecraft PE 1.0.8 for Android with a working Xbox Live: try new sets of resources and explore the mysterious dimensions of the End!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.0.8?

A team from Mojang Studios released the penultimate build of Ender Update Minecraft PE 1.0.8

This time, we decided to please the players with an updated dimension of the End, as well as a small set of resources dedicated to magic lovers.


Finally, players will be able to truly “complete” their journey by fighting the main boss of Minecraft PE 1.0.8 – the Ender Dragon. Also, now minecrafters will have the opportunity to travel to a new dimension.

To do this, you will need to use a portal that can be found and activated using the Eyes of the End.

Ender Dragon

A huge dragon circling between pillars of obsidian with crystals at the very top. These monuments allow the Minecraft PE 1.0.8 boss to maintain his health by regenerating it. So first you will need to destroy all the stones surrounding him, and only after that kill.

After his death, the Dragon will leave a portal to the ordinary world with titles familiar to many, and will also create a second portal leading to the updated Land.


In Minecraft PE 1.0.8, new types of islands of the End have appeared, which are overgrown with corus, and also have structures in the form of high towers called cities.

Treasures and a new dangerous mob, the shulker, are hidden inside such buildings. He will not let you take the good you deserve for the victory over the dragon of the Land.

Important: Be careful, because shulkers, when hit by their projectile, impose a levitation effect, which, if landed incorrectly, can kill you.

Hidden treasures

As mentioned above, treasures are hidden in the cities of the End in Minecraft PE 1.0.8. For the most part, they are useless after defeating the dragon.

However, there is one item for which it was worth spending so much time killing the main boss of Minecraft PE 1.0.8. These are elytras that allow you to literally fly in survival mode.

Resource set

Another important change in Minecraft PE 1.0.8 was the emergence of a new set of resources dedicated to magic.

Now the world of Minecraft PE 1.0.8 will look like some kind of fantasy with beautiful and frightening mobs.

Version File

How to install new Minecraft PE update?

Click on the link below and download a file

What are new items in this update?

important change in Minecraft PE 1.0.8 was the emergence of a new set of resources dedicated to magic.

Additional information

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Release date 17 MAY 2021
Operating system Android
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang
Xbox Live Working
License FREE
Size 80 Mb

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