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Download free Minecraft PE 0.14.1 Overworld Update on Android: sad witch houses, hoppers and other blocks and lots of Redstone gear.

MCPE 0.14.1 : what’s new ?

Mojang Studios is finally introducing witches to their survival sandbox. You will meet these bad old ladies in the swamps or anywhere else in the Minecraft world.
Be careful as witches tend to throw poisonous and harmful potions at you in Minecraft PE 0.14.1. Nevertheless, you can always have a chacne to kill them.

But be careful: after taking damage, witches heal themselves using their recovery potions. You must act as quic as you can and cogently.

In MCPE 0.14.1, if you kill one of them, ropes, sticks, sometimes red stone and other alchemical ingredients will drop.


Minecraft PE 0.14.1 has some notable changes that you should be aware of. First of all, there are more achievements to overcome.

Additionally, you can now equip armor in Creative and save your inventory when switching between modes.

In particular, MCPE 0.14.1 has a new main menu. It has a new user interface to help you navigate.

In fact, players can instantly wear pumpkins and mob heads as helmets. Also, leather armor can now be dyed.

You do need a cauldron though – it’s another attractive block that reveals itself from seven iron ingots in Minecraft PE 0.14.1.


This update deals primarily with Redstone blocks. It turns out that in Minecraft PE 0.14.1, the developers added a number of essential structures to all tools you’ll build.

For example, repeaters can amplify their signal, and comparators can count clocks and perform other important mathematical operations.

On the other hand, we have dispensers and droppers that expel or dispense objects inside. Usually this will change your inside and outside in MCPE 0.14.1.

You can outfit a bathroom or build a fridge that dispenses lemons and more.

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