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Download the best maniac maps for Minecraft PE and try to survive in the sewers with a maniac in a Pennywise costume.

Map for a maniac in MCPE

This map for Minecraft PE was created for fans of horror maps. Everything is done at the highest level, a terrible atmosphere, an ever-fading light, and the laughter of an incomprehensible creature that creeps up to goosebumps.

A crazy maniac in a monster costume or really something supernatural is not clear.

It is only clear that this someone is chasing and wants to kill. It is also alarming that the skeletons of people are lying around. Download this map with your friends and play who will complete the storyline faster. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance.


In this map, the player is homeless. In front of your eyes, a passing truck dropped 8 bags of gold, which later fell into the sewer. By chance, you watched all this, and decided to go down after them.

But everything is not as simple as it seems. Sewer corridors have become a trap for you, from which it is not so easy to get out alive.

You will have the feeling that someone is watching you, and this is true. In addition to running and always tangled rats under the feet of caustic gas that hits your face, fading light, interference, and other things, you will be chased by something that wants to kill you.

Find all 8 bags of gold that are safely hidden in the corridors of consolidation, and get out to the surface without falling into the clutches of a maniac. More often than not, Pennywise hides around the corner and jumps up with heartbreaking screams, after which your health decreases in Minecraft PE. So avoid such collisions.

How to install a map in Minecraft PE?

Everything is very simple. First you need to download the file.
Next, we click on it, and thanks to this, the file is imported into the game.
We go into Minecraft PE, and open a new world that has just appeared.


How to install Maniac Maps?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcworld extension

Why do I need this map?

You will have the feeling that someone is watching you, and this is true.

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