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Download the Hello Neighbor map for Minecraft PE, the location was created based on the game Hello Neighbor!

What is the location about?

For fans of the Hello Neighbor game, we present an incredible map based on this game. BendytheDemon18 (the author of the map) was able to recreate almost everything to the smallest detail and it seems as if the game was transferred to Minecraft PE. According to experts, the creator was able to implement more than 95% of the environment from Hello Neighbor.


This map is based on the Hello Neighbor game, but made from vanilla Minecraft settings. The author of the map wants the player not to leave the atmosphere of MCPE and therefore there is only 1 on the map, but a very small addition. It replaces a resident with a neighbor.

When you start the map, your path will start right at the neighbor’s house. If he catches you, then instead of killing you, he will simply throw snowballs at you. In order to get out of his house, you have to explore all possible rooms in search of a key. One key opens a new level and so gradually.

Hello Neighbor 1

The plot of the map is the same as you play the game. Constant strange sounds from your neighbor’s house attracted you. Curiosity is tormenting and you decide to enter the house to find out about what is happening.

Your task is to get into the basement. You should find out what a terrible secret is kept there. But it will not be easy to do this, because you have to solve many puzzles to get to your goal.


The second part of the Hello Neighbor map from the same developer. If you manage to pass all the tests, then know that nothing has ended there yet. The complexity of the location grows each time, as you get closer to what the neighbor is hiding.

But this time you will not get off with a simple expulsion from home. If the player catches his eye, then he will try to kill him. The second part, the author of the map was able to better detail and convey the atmosphere of horror.

The terrain comes with a built-in pack of textures and settings, so all you have to do is launch it and get ready for the ordeal.


How to install Hello Neighbor Map?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcworld extension

Why do I need this map?

The location was created based on the game Hello Neighbor! One key opens a new level and so gradually.

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