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Download the best Granny maps for Minecraft PE and try to escape from the crazy woman who is trying to kill you.

What is on the Granny map for MCPE

Recently, the Granny project has become quite popular, which, without hesitation, various enthusiasts decided to transfer it to Minecraft Pocket Edition. By the way, they succeeded quite well. Now you can get your dose of adrenaline even in your favorite game.

House Granny

A huge map that completely repeats the entire terrain of the original, which will allow you, even without knowing anything, to play and have fun in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The map can be considered quite large, as it is almost 100 blocks wide and 70 long, so there is plenty to explore.

TIP: You can also play with a friend, which should dilute the atmosphere of horror, or maybe vice versa.

Your primary task is simply to survive, and also to explore all the Easter eggs and rooms available to the player in Minecraft PE in search of salvation.

Granny Horror

A new version of the map about an evil grandmother in Minecraft PE, which has got more improved AI for Granny, as well as a new set of textures. Now the map really looks intimidating, which should be noted. Be sure to use the texture and behavior set that comes with the map, otherwise nothing will work as the author intended.

Your task will still be to survive, exploring all the rooms along the way. Only this time you will also have to collect a collection of items for which you will receive salvation on the Granny map in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Try to hide from Grandma Granny not only around the corners of the blocks, but also in huge cabinets, because it’s much safer. And also you continue to be able to observe the situation from the outside through the holes.

FACT: The map is so detailed that the player can even hide from the old woman in the interior.

How to install Granny Maps?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcworld extension

Why do I need this map?

Your task will still be to survive, exploring all the rooms along the way.

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