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Download the best Dropper maps for Minecraft PE and try to fly through huge pipes full of colorful drawings, obstacles and bad falls.

Features of the map on the dropper for MCPE

Dropper is a mini-game based on the fact that the player must simply fall and try to get into the water. However, this also has its own difficulties, because, for example, there may be some blocks on your way that simply will not allow you to reach the ground.

Mega Dropper

Already the fifth part of a series of maps for droppers for Minecraft PE, which differs from the previous ones in the presence of 22 levels. Moreover, each of them is beautifully painted, and also has a huge number of new forms of obstacles.

FACT: As you progress, the difficulty increases not only with the number of obstacles, but also with a decrease in the area of ​​​​water

The X Dropper

Huge dropper map for Minecraft Pocket Edition containing 16 different levels. Each of which is more than 150 blocks high, which allows the player to enjoy moments of flight. Well, or once again get angry if something does not work out.

TIP: Set the rendering to the maximum, otherwise the obstacles will literally appear in front of your eyes.

Super Mega Dropper

An unusual dropper map for MCPE, which boasts many levels, as well as various game modes. The game has both regular droppers and reverse ones based on the “Levitation” effect.

IMPORTANT: Be careful, as the map is designed in such a way as to create a dizzy effect.

How to install Dropper Maps?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcworld extension

Why do I need this map?

You fly through huge pipes full of colorful drawings, obstacles and bad falls.

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