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Apex Legends – Firing Range Maps for Minecraft PE is a simple shooting game where you need to gather friends and have a battle in Minecraft. The choice will be given equipment and weapons. The author tried to balance all types of weapons so that players can enjoy the gameplay. Test your skills and try to survive against powerful bots.

The author took the game of the same name as a basis and added all the necessary elements from there. In this case, even the weapons of bots can be chosen independently.

Weapons in Apex Legends – Firing Range Maps

Types of weapons :
Barrel Compound Bow
Eva-8 Auto (shotgun)
G7 Scout (Rifle)
Hemlock Explosion AR (AR)
Kraber .50 CAL (sniper weapon)
Longbow DMR (sniper weapon)
M600 Spitfire (light machine gun)
P2020 (pistol)
R-301 (AR)
Wingman (pistol)

In addition, there will be ammunition, shells, grenades, first aid kits and much more. Together, this creates a unique gaming atmosphere for large-scale battles.

Version File

What is ther latest version of the texture?


What does exactly this texture change?

This Resource Pack makes the fire on you look lower and you can see better.

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