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Download the best Bendy maps for Minecraft PE: look for items, solve puzzles, fight monsters and much more.

Bendy map for MCPE

This map is a continuation of a series of maps about Bendy, which in turn were made based on the horror game of the same name.

Your task is to find 12 different items and bring them to your old friend. All the actions of the game take place in an old, abandoned music studio in Minecraft PE.

As you progress through the map, you will begin to think that you are far from alone in the room. It will later turn out that this is indeed the case. You will come across tasks that you will have to complete in the first place in order to stay alive.

The map is full of puzzles and various logic tasks. You are waiting for the fight against monsters, adventures and much more. Do not forget that this card is horror.

To make you feel calmer, go through the map with friends. After all, it is very difficult to fight the forces of evil alone, you always need someone who will cover the rear in Minecraft PE.

Creepy locations, with unambiguous inscriptions on the walls, strange sounds, rustles, the constant feeling that someone is watching you and the general excitement will haunt you until the end of the map.


the Tommy Gun weapon was added;
added a new monster – Piper;
monsters now have more animations;
now Minecraft PE has more frightening sounds;
Fixed a bug due to which at the end of the map the player fell through the floor at the end.

How to install a map in Minecraft PE

First you need to download the file to your device.
Next, click on the file you just downloaded, and thanks to this, the map is transported to Minecraft PE.
We go into Minecraft PE, and download the new game world that has just appeared. Everything is ready, now you can start to pass the map.

How to install Bendy Game Horror Maps?

Click on the link below and download a file. The file is in .mcworld extension

Why do I need this map?

Fixed a bug due to which at the end of the map the player fell through the floor at the end.

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