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Download Bed Wars maps for Minecraft PE on android, take part in exciting fights to protect your own beds from members of enemy teams!

What is the essence of Bed Wars?

It”s actually quite simple – all players in Bed Wars are required to do is get into a defensive position and protect their beds.
It is the beds in this mini-game for Minecraft PE that will be the most important object on the map. To start the game, you need to turn on the creative mode, and then complete the missing elements exactly for the plot that the users came up with. It is best to immerse yourself in the process of conquest by teams!


It is at the beginning that the total number of teams and the conditions under which the further game will take place on the Bed Wars map are determined. It should be noted right away that in Minecraft PE the number of commands is unlimited. However, each of them will accommodate only five participants, such is the peculiarity of the card.
Then, after the players have agreed on an opinion, survival itself begins. All existing teams start attacking neighboring islands with beds, while the rest try to protect them.


Merchants in Minecraft PE will come in handy, because small incidents often happen on the map. And, any existing armor or material, which, in fact, these friendly mobs provide, will help fix them.
Merchants can sell you weapons, armor, some crafting items. So, with such opportunities and the right tactics of the duel, victory is guaranteed to you!


A strong complication of your battle can be the fact that at the bottom of all the bases there may be not just an abyss, but a whole ocean of lava. In this case, the player who was unlucky enough to fall to the bottom will not be able to return to the game itself and will have to wait until the end of the battle.
But do not despair, because you can buy a lot of interesting things from merchants that will not only save you from a fatal fall into the abyss, but also help you defeat your opponents!
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What is ther latest version of the texture?


What does exactly this texture change?

This Resource Pack makes the fire on you look lower and you can see better.

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