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The Pig is a common mob that can be found in most biomes. Like cows and sheep, pigs love to wander around their surroundings. Like most friendly mobs, adult pigs are an excellent source of food. One individual can drop from one to three pieces of raw meat. The pig will follow the player if he has beets, potatoes, carrots or a fishing rod with carrots in his hand. Besides food, pigs are also a good means of transportation.

If you do not have a fishing rod with a carrot, then the pig will not be under your control, but if you do, the pig will follow in the direction of your gaze. At first it will accelerate for a few seconds, and then it will go quite quickly. To increase speed, you need to hold down RMB while sitting on a pig with a fishing rod, but the object may break sooner or later. In this case, the maximum movement speed will be 24 km/h (about 6.67 blocks per second), which is one and a half times faster than the speed of a horse. After all this, we can conclude that the pig is a truly useful mob.


The Sheep is a fairly common mob that can be found in almost all grassy biomes. The main use of sheep is to produce wool and tasty meat. Sheep wander aimlessly around the area, usually in small flocks of 2-4 individuals. Despite this, lonely sheep still exist. Sheep avoid cliffs and dangerous areas, from which they can receive great damage. Sheep can appear with white, light grey, grey, black, brown and pink wool (rare). In addition, the color of sheep’s wool can be changed using dyes, which will be needed to create beds and carpets of different colors.

By trading with the shepherd, eighteen blocks of wool can buy one emerald, which allows the player to easily earn extra money if he has built an automatic sheep farm. After all of the above, we can say with confidence that a sheep is really capable of competing with a pig in the title of the most useful sandbox mob, but we move on.


The horse is a friendly and tamable mob used by players as a means of transportation. Wild horses will throw the player off of them, but after a certain number of attempts the horse is tamed and no longer seeks to throw the player off. The chance of a horse throwing a player can be reduced by feeding the horse wheat or apples. The minimum speed of a horse is 4.837 blocks per second, the maximum is 14.512, the average is 9.675. The maximum and minimum are almost unattainable. Unlike pigs and sheep, horses do not drop meat.

The only thing that can drop is a useless hide, which is used to make weak leather armor. Horses are also not an option as a means of transportation; even the fastest horse is inferior in speed to a pig. As we can see, the horse has very few purposes, so it does not deserve to be on the list of the best.


The chicken is a small friendly mob that can be found in the village or regular forest. Chickens wander aimlessly around the world, and chickens follow them. Chickens do not take fall damage, but they try to stay away from the canyons. Adults are a good source of food, but the meat should not be eaten raw. Chickens lay eggs every 5-10 minutes. When an egg is broken, there is a 0.125% chance that a chicken will hatch. You can make cookies or berry cake from chicken eggs, which do not restore as many satiety units as you would like.

Feathers can only be used to craft a notebook, which is used by a small number of players. As we can see, chicken cannot compare with sheep and pigs, so let’s boldly call chicken useless and move on to the axolotl.


Axolotl is a friendly mob that lives in an aquatic environment. Axolotls spawn underwater in lush caves if there is clay within five blocks of the spawn point. Axolotls are friendly to players and can be tied to a leash, greatly increasing the mob’s speed. Axolotls apply a Regeneration effect to the player and remove Fatigue from him if he defeats a monster hostile to the axolotl.

When receiving significant damage, the axolotl assumes a motionless pose and restores its health, and then returns to battle. Axolotls can be carried in a bucket without taking any damage. Like dogs and cats, these little ones can become your loyal friends and protect you from hostile mobs, so axolotls can be called useful mobs.

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