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Zombies are one of the oldest enemies of the main character in Minecraft. Zombies spawn in small groups of 4. They begin chasing the player character at a distance of about 40 blocks, as opposed to 16 blocks for other hostile mobs. Unlike skeletons, zombies do not try to avoid sunlight and will still continue to pursue the player despite damage. Zombies cannot swim, which makes it easier for them to become drowned. Despite quite good abilities, zombies cannot be called the most dangerous mob. Yes, a zombie can see you from a long distance and break down your doors, but its health and damage indicators do not allow it to defeat the player.


Skeleton is a common undead mob armed with a bow. Skeletons can detect the player up to 16 blocks away, and later begin to chase him. To reach the optimal terrain for shooting, the skeleton is able to climb steps and overcome difficult obstacles, bypassing various structures, lava lakes and cacti. Skeletons take damage from sunlight, but try to stay in the shade.

Thanks to its rapid fire rate and ability to knock players back, the skeleton is capable of harming the player at the very beginning of survival. Additionally, the skeleton’s accuracy increases with each level, allowing it to defeat an armored player. If you want to protect yourself from the skeleton with a shield, then this is a bad idea. Not only does the shield slow down the player, but this personal protective equipment also breaks quickly!


The Creeper is a four-legged green creature that is the symbol of the game Minecraft.

At a distance of 3 blocks from the player, the creeper stretches a little, blinks and hisses, and then explodes after one and a half seconds. Defeating a creeper before the explosion cancels the explosion, and the explosion can also be avoided by leaving the creeper’s radius of destruction (3-5 blocks depending on the difficulty), or, which is easier, throwing the creeper itself back to the same distance or placing a block in front of you.

Creepers avoid all types of cats and do not approach them at a distance of less than 5 blocks, even when chasing the player character. A creeper that notices a cat will immediately try to run away from it, but will stop at some distance. Additionally, a fleeing creeper is still dangerous and can instantly explode if the player gets too close.


The Spider is a hostile mob first added in the Survival Test version. Spiders’ eyes glow red, making them easy to see in the dark.

Spiders are hostile to iron golems and players if the light level around them is 9 or less; otherwise, the spiders are neutral unless attacked themselves. If you take a spider from a dark zone to a light zone, it will continue to pursue the player. If the spider takes damage from anything other than the player, such as falling from a height, it will no longer be hostile.

Spiders can crawl along walls and other obstacles. If the spider cannot find its way to the player on the ground, it will come close to an obstacle separating it from the player and begin to crawl vertically upward along it until it crawls to the top, after which it quickly jumps to the ground. And while the spider is slowly crawling up, the player can throw off the monster with a bow. I think there is nothing more to say, since the spider’s damage is small, and it cannot explode or break doors. Let’s boldly call the spider weak and move on.


The Witch is a hostile mob that attacks the player with exploding potions with various poisoning and instant damage effects. Early in the game, the Witch is one of the most dangerous opponents, as during combat she is able to restore health with the help of healing potions and cause serious damage.

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