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You can now fight zombies and creepers in real life.

Minecraft fans are delighted – a chess set based on their favorite game has been released with the key characters of the sandbox. The new product is not an amateur craft – it is an official toy from Mojang (Minecraft developer), created in collaboration with toy manufacturer The Noble Collection.

Just like in classical chess there is a white and a black side. On the black side there are figures of only evil characters, on the white side – only good ones.

  • White side composition: 8 chickens (pawns), 2 golems (rooks), 2 horses (knights), 2 civilians (bishops), Steve with a pickaxe (queen), Steve with a sword (king);
  • Composition of the black side: 8 zombies (pawns), 2 creepers (rooks), 2 skeleton horses (knights), 2 endermen (bishops), dragon (queen), wither (king).

The Minecraft chess set costs $69. For now you can only buy it in the USA.

The Noble Collection is an American manufacturer of toys based on famous franchises (Harry Potter, DC, The Lord of the Rings, etc.). Previously, the company introduced torches, swords and potions from Minecraft.

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