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Adventure update (Beta 1.8)

Until now, Adventure update is one of the largest and at the same time one of the fastest updates.

It added 3 new biomes, more than 5 mobs, updated 3 more biomes, changed the world generator, ore generator, animal behavior and much more.

But players hated this update for several reasons:

  • People complained that worlds transferred from previous versions “broke” in the literal sense of the word
  • ‌Veterans did not like Beta 1.8 because now animals ran away when you hit them. Like, why should we, like fools, run after them
  • ‌In addition, some said that the update was too big and therefore bad. By the way, this is why Notch did not release such large updates in the future.

Well, in my opinion this update is the best! And it received the hatred of the players undeservedly

Combat update (offical release 1.9)

This update set a record not only for the dislike of players, but also for the time between the first snapshots of the version. 345 days between the first two snapshots (for comparison, there are 365 days in a year!).

The Ender world was changed in it. Cities and ships of the region appeared. In addition, a left hand was added. There was also a change that made update number 1.9 immortal and unforgettable, this update to the combat system.

There was so much hate and hate because of this update. Some said that it should not have been done too harshly. Others criticized it for being too small a change. The third demanded the return of the old one.

But the fact remains that 1.9 turned out to be extremely unpopular. After 1.8 lost many players (due to changes in the coding of mods, which means a decrease in their number for this version), 1.9 became one of the most unpopular (for two reasons, the action update and its release for too long).

In my opinion, this is a terrible update (specifically because of the combat system). Thank God it didn’t make it to Minecraft Bedrock.

Caves&Cliffs (official release 1.17)

No, well, probably everyone here knows about it. This is probably the most problematic in the history of Minecraft.

Adds 88 blocks (if you don’t count different types of blocks, then generally 40-60 blocks), copper ore, an amethyst geode, three mobs and that’s it. But what a scope it was!

They denounce 1.17 for literally everything: for its division into two parts, for the fact that it is not Minecraft, but a collection of mods, for the fact that they remove things from the java edition.

But in my opinion, it’s quite a good update, but not the way they make it now.

Beta 1.9 Pre release 4 (pre release for Minecraft 1.0)

Not many people know about Beta 1.9 “Lost Update”. And even fewer know that its 4th pre-release was a hit with players. By the way, it has now been deleted.

It added a fully working enchantment, the functionality of the end portal, the end dragon and a change in the moon and sun.

Firstly, they sat and stood up differently, and secondly, their textures were changed. They became pixilated circles.

The players did not like this very much and they began to rebel. Notch had to make a poll where players could choose to keep the sun and moon round or return them square. The survey showed that players don’t want anything round in the game. After that, the sun and moon were returned to their old texture, and 4 pre-releases were removed.

But in my opinion, even though they were round, they would fit into the Minecraft style.

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