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When you can’t travel in real life, you have to make do with what’s around. Fortunately, video games have always had enough beauty. However, only in Minecraft do players themselves regularly create something that can compete with the creations of professional game designers. When you look at individual buildings, it even becomes a shame that some do this in the game, while still managing to go to work and spend time with loved ones.

Minecraft came out over a decade ago and is still very popular. The idea of ​​downloading Minecraft comes to mind not only for young gamers and sandbox lovers; talented architects have learned to use the game world like graph paper. Some of the players’ creations are amazing.

We recently talked about how the city of Shiganshina from the anime Attack on Titan was built in Minecraft, but this is far from the only large-scale project. We have collected just some of the epic structures in this collection.

Summer Imperial Palace

Let’s open the list with a more mundane building, the analogue of which is quite possible to find in reality. When creating the Summer Imperial Palace, the author was inspired by several examples of architecture, including the Palace of Versailles and the Hermitage.

Even though this project is several years old, it still remains one of the most beautiful creations in Minecraft.


Recently, a group of players managed to recreate the city of Shiganshina from the anime Attack on Titan. Full size, of course. The team had to change some details to make the city look better, but the players can hardly be blamed for taking the easy route.

User FoxicalOW, who shared screenshots of the city, said that the city was recreated using the Builder’s Refuge service and on a special server with access to many auxiliary tools.

The build will be available for download soon.


One of the oldest projects in Minecraft, which began in 2010. The team behind Middle-Earth proves the truth of the saying “patience and hard work will wear out everything.” So far they have managed to create all the famous locations from books and films. Anyone who wants to visit Hobbiton or walk the streets of Minas Tirith can do so right now.

In the beginning, the group that created this mod consisted of only a few players. Now it has grown into an army of more than 300 people, united by their love for Tolkien’s setting. Even after many years of work, Middle-Earth continues to develop and the world of Middle-earth becomes more beautiful day by day.

Night City from Cyberpunk 2077

A user under the nickname ElysiumFire ​​has already been famous for creating grandiose buildings, but this time he outdid himself. Inspired by the look of Night City from Cyberpunk 2077, he created his own city of the future. It has everything that a futuristic city should have: neon signs, huge skyscrapers, giant cars. There was even a place for a holographic phoenix.

Anyone can download this build and see this version of Night City with their own eyes. However, the city’s creator warned that this level of detail comes at a price. In order to enjoy the neon beauty of this city, you will first have to acquire strong hardware.


In the spring of 2020, a group of modders calling themselves The Floo Network released a giant mod from alpha that allows anyone to plunge into the world of Harry Potter. The result of four years of hard work is truly amazing. Modders managed to recreate the magic school down to the smallest detail. Labyrinths of corridors connect many offices, classrooms and rooms that are easily recognized by every fan of the Harry Potter universe. On the map you can find Hagrid’s hut and the forester himself, going about his duties.

However, the visual resemblance to the famous school of witchcraft does not end there. The halls of Hogwarts are full of riddles and puzzles, so traveling through this map will be akin to a real adventure.

The whole planet

If a 1:1 scale recreated city doesn’t excite you, what about a replica of the entire world? Indeed, if you can build anything in Minecraft, then why limit yourself? The goal of the Build the Earth project is to recreate planet Earth as accurately as possible. To achieve this goal, a combination of a couple of mods is used. The first removes restrictions on the size of available space, allowing you to start playing big. The second scans information taken from satellites and transforms it into data that the game engine understands. Unfortunately, this process requires the participation of a huge number of players.

This idea seems overly ambitious. This would be true if we were talking about some other game. However, the video announcing the Build the Earth project on YouTube has collected about 12 million views, so the project has plenty of helpers.

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