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Minecraft is famous all over the world today. The game acquired a huge number of related products, which brought fabulous profits and millions of copies to the creators. Not every gaming product in the modern world achieves such impressive success.

But any computer game starts with a small project, and Minecraft is no exception.

Developer Markus Persson (better known as Notch) became interested in programming and creating games as a child. He wrote his first game at the age of 9. Although Persson will create his main project much later.

Up to this point, the author was interested in various “god simulators” and classic RPG games. It was they who pushed the future billionaire to create Minecraft – a real virtual adventure that incorporated elements of all of Persson’s games. At first the project was called Cave Game, then it was renamed Minecraft.

But having appeared in 2009, the game was still quite crude, with a lot of errors in the code. This did not stop a whole community of fans from gathering around the project. What is the essence of Minecraft, which so quickly gained such popularity from the first versions? First of all, the game is a limitless sandbox that allows you to create almost any object. There were no analogues of this concept at that time.

The gameplay is about survival in the conditions created by the players. It is necessary to constantly defend or hide from external threats penetrating the virtual world.

The project is also notable for its independent promotion by the developers themselves, without the involvement of publishers. And the popularity of Minecraft was ensured by word of mouth. The game was mentioned literally everywhere on the Internet, but there was no official advertising. This did not stop the game from becoming truly iconic among gamers.

Markus Persson himself once decided to move away from game development within the King company, where he was listed as a programmer, and focus on working in his own studio, Mojang AB. Minecraft has constantly developed and is still developing today. The current development team releases new versions of the game, fixes bugs, and adds new elements. Modifications are also created by the fans themselves.

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