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The creator of Minecraft continues to work on games. Interesting project in the works

Minecraft creator Markus Persson, better known under the nickname Notch, is not sitting idle, but continues to develop games. He recently showed the community a series of strange screenshots of a new unnamed project.

Now information has emerged that the creator has opened a studio called Bitshift Entertainment. It is assumed that he needed it specifically for this project – judging by the description (Borderlands + D20 role-playing system) and the available footage, it is something like a mixture of looter shooter + dungeon crawl (walking through labyrinthine “dungeons”).

The new game is based on voxels and uses a first-person view. Currently, DOOM models have been installed as a test (they will not be in the final version of the game).

It is not yet entirely clear whether Notch will continue to make the game alone, or whether he will hire someone and organize a team (the developer sold Minecraft, i.e. he has the resources for this). The release date, like the title, is also in question at the moment.

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