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Minecraft developers surprised fans of the game by releasing a preliminary version of the future update, which, among other things, contains a completely new type of weapon with unique mechanics.

Minecraft now has a demo version for Java and for Bedrock Edition, which, among a large number of changes, also adds new powerful weapons to the game.

Therefore, from now on, the mace (Mace) has joined the sword, axe, trident and other pixel weapons.

With it, players can destroy enemies with powerful blows. Particularly by using a new mechanic where jumping towards an opponent and accurately hitting them before you land negates any fall damage.

In addition, if there are other mobs near the target of the player he hit, they will be discarded.

The power of the mace can be increased by using it in combination with the Wind Charge item.

It is expected that the mace will become part of a full-fledged update 1.21 – the next big Minecraft patch, which gamers are already eagerly awaiting.

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