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A new Minecraft theory about the origins of villagers makes some elements of the game quite creepy. Redditor LuShree suggested that the villagers are actually mushrooms, noting the striking similarity between the textures of the mystery mushroom stew and the villagers’ heads.

Additionally, the inhabitants closely resemble the stem of a mushroom with the cap cut off, which could explain why they are all bald. In the comments, they have already come up with a more “appropriate” name for the soup – “country stew”.

This theory joins a long list of fan-made stories that delve into the depths of Minecraft’s history, offering a darker take on the seemingly harmless characters that populate the game’s world.

Although Minecraft is often associated with kid-friendly gameplay, its community is prone to creating elaborate theories about the game’s universe. From speculation about the mysterious Herobrine to interpretations of End as a dystopian future, players continually discover layers of complexity within the game’s narrative fabric.

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