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It looks like PlayStation 5 owners will soon be able to finally get a modern version of Minecraft that takes advantage of the console’s capabilities

PlayStation Game Size noticed that a new version of Minecraft has appeared in the PlayStation Network database. It is designed specifically for the new generation console.

So far, the authors of Minecraft have not officially announced an improved version of the game for PlayStation 5. For now, the game is running in backwards compatibility mode, i.e. without any full-fledged improvements compared to the PS4 version.

It is noteworthy that back in September 2023, the regulator issued an age rating for Minecraft for Xbox Series X|S, but then Microsoft said something along the lines of “this means nothing.”

As of now, only PlayStation 4 has its own version of Minecraft, while PlayStation 5 users are forced to play it using the backwards compatibility feature.

It is noted that the version for PS5 will be technologically improved and will have additional features.

One potential feature in particular is ray tracing. An increase in visibility range and other significant upgrades are also expected.

So far, the release date of the updated version remains unknown

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