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Minecraft is positioned as a kind and positive game where everyone can be anyone, build anything, travel and build incredible mechanisms. However, despite all this, there are some pretty creepy monsters in the game. In addition to the standard skeletons and creepers, the game has creatures such as the Enderman. And on the test servers of the next major update, “Caves and Cliffs,” a candidate enemy has already appeared that can cause panic and serious stress in some.

The Underground Warden was introduced last year and is the first completely blind mob in the game. This creature does not use its eyes, since it lives deep in caves, it relies on “antennas” located on its head, with the help of which it senses vibrations in the air. All it takes is a little noise and the Warden begins to move in your direction. It has a massive mouth and a bare chest.

When you look at his appearance, made up of blocks, fantasy does not change his image, but it is enough to be alone with him in a deep cave, and some kind of natural fear arises inside.

Now this monster can be found in one of the biomes – Deep Darkness. If “Caves and Rocks” is aimed at expanding the underground part of the world, so that it does not cause claustrophobia, is quite bright and even welcoming, with vegetation, axolotls and other interesting elements. But Deep Darkness is the exact opposite. These are intricate, narrow caves from which it is difficult, almost impossible, to escape from the Warden. So if you dare to go into the Deep Darkness, be sure to think of a backup plan, because dealing with the mob will not be easy. And if he catches you, then you can only survive more than one blow with the best armor.

According to players who have already encountered the Warden, he causes fear not only due to his sensitivity to noise and enormous strength. In an open area, a mob would not cause such horror as in narrow, dark caves. But the most important detail that gives travelers goosebumps is that the Warden’s heartbeat is visible and audible. And the more often you attack it, the stronger it becomes, the flickering intensifies.

According to the developers, the Warden is more akin to a natural disaster than a typical boss. When you see a tornado, you don’t try to defeat it with arrows, you run away from it.

The only wise decision when meeting the Warden is to throw snowballs or shoot from a bow in a direction away from you, so that the mob follows the sound and the player has enough time to turn around and get away.

If you want to challenge the Warden, then gather your friends and assemble a well-equipped expedition. And remember – the main thing is to be faster than the slowest member of the group.

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