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Fresh footage from the anticipated Minecraft movie starring Jason Momoa has appeared online, delighting fans of the original game.

Filming for the Minecraft movie is in full swing, and some behind-the-scenes shots are starting to appear online. Several frames were posted online showing Minecraft props. As fans note, judging by what they saw, the new film will be quite similar to the game of the same name.

New footage showed what the trees will look like in the film. It turned out that the authors tried to make them as similar as possible to the trees from the game Minecraft. They are made in the same square and angular style. Moreover, the leaves on the trees are also designed in the form of square blocks.

The film “Minecraft” is being filmed in New Zealand. Plot details still remain unclear. It is certain that Jason Momoa will play a new character, while actor Jack Black will play Steve, the main character of the Minecraft world.

Director Jared Hess, who is directing the filming of Minecraft, noted that the film will be “fun and funny.” At the same time, Hess also noted that the authors are trying to make the most correct film adaptation of the Minecraft game.

The release of the Minecraft tape is scheduled for April 3, 2025. Starring Jason Momoa, Jack Black, Emma Myers, Jennifer Coolidge and others. Directed by Jared Hess. The film is based on the famous video game Minecraft from Mojang studio.

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