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Who would have imagined that upon its release in 2009, Minecraft would become one of the industry’s premier games and be used as the foundation for testing the next generation of advanced graphics technologies? Minecraft RTX was recently released, an official patch developed by NVIDIA that adds support for DXR, a DirectX solution for real-time ray tracing, to the block sandbox.

Minecraft uses a lot of shaders to make the game look more detailed and expressive, but ray tracing is on a whole other level. According to the editors of PC Gamer, based on studying early builds of Minecraft RTX, this is one of the best examples of ray tracing implementation among modern games.

Even better than Cyberpunk 2077.

To run Minecraft RTX, you will need NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 and RTX 30 series video cards. Alternatively, you can use an AMD Radeon RX 6000, but the performance there is still significantly worse than that of NVIDIA. The company has previously posted several Minecraft RTX videos on its YouTube channel demonstrating the dramatic effects of ray tracing, but if you want to see the power of ray tracing for yourself, there are a few creations from the Minecraft community that you can check out.

When making recommendations, we used builds that truly highlight the full capabilities of Minecraft RTX. NVIDIA itself has released several cards for demo mode, but it’s worth highlighting the cards created by the community.

There’s detail on every level here – giant glass windows, erupting volcanoes with glowing lava, blinding neon city lights and sparkling waterfalls. Almost everything that can sparkle with new colors using light rendering technology. On the other hand, it was not possible to find any impressive moments in stone castles and medieval villages, so they were not included in the list below. Here are the best of the best builds demonstrating the changes made using DXR.

Great Library

A huge building with a giant glass ceiling? Definitely worth a look. Uncensored Library is designed as a huge filter for light. The gardens located outside are also stunning. But these are not the only impressive aspects of the build. It’s actually an actual library inside Minecraft that’s used as a smart bypass and secure repository for censored journalism.

Natural elements

When you see lava in Minecraft, you always want it to glow and shimmer like the setting sun. And the volcanic lava in Meiva – Dance of the Elements does just that. This is the best volcano map in Minecraft, so make sure you explore it in all its glory with ray tracing enabled. You may need sunglasses for this.

Whale of Imagination

If you’re looking for a more colorful build in Minecraft RTX, then The Whale of Dreams will make your desires come true. This is one of the most striking architectural creations, capturing all the shades of the rainbow in the magical underwater world. Using ray tracing capabilities, this build will emit vibrant colors even beyond your monitor.

Underground Kingdom

This build may seem a little dated since it was released in 2017, but with ray tracing, The Dark Elven Kingdom of Vanhall shines with a whole new, expressive color. Underground caves are not the best place to demonstrate the capabilities of ray tracing (due to the lack of light itself), but the creator of the Iskillia build was able to choose the right combination of blocks, which look even more expressive with the RTX update.


What better way to test the power of a gaming PC than with a ridiculously heavy build with Minecraft RTX enabled? Cyberpunk Project is a stunning build inspired by Night City from Cyberpunk 2077. It’s the perfect backdrop for any futuristic, neo-noir novel. However, be careful: this is a huge build, so read the description carefully before running it.

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