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Today Minecraft is released in four editions, one of which is completely free – Creative. The other three modes are being developed on a paid basis: Adventure, Survival, Hardcore. We will discuss the functionality of each version below.


The “creativity” mode is distinguished primarily by its free nature. There is no need to purchase a paid license here. The game can be accessed through the game account of premium users and online directly through the browser. In the latter case, an older version of the game is implemented. This edition provides the player with complete freedom of action and unlimited access to resources (“craft”). Children can build whatever they want without restrictions, enjoying the results and without fear that they will die. The “creative” mode has no logical end.

There are no enemies and no need to fight for resources like in the next mode. The character’s capabilities are also limitless – he can fly and destroy almost any block.


In this mode, the player faces certain difficulties. Expanding the boundaries of his territory, the character is forced to solve complex problems. As in the “creative” version, here you need to engage in construction, but you also need to survive under the onslaught of various problems and threats. Enemy forces become active at night. A day that lasts 10 minutes in the game is relatively calm.

By performing various actions, the player earns points and collects materials necessary to defend against enemies. The character here is already vulnerable to falling from great heights and being in water at great depths. Accordingly, he may die in these cases. Death means returning to the very beginning of the game – the character awakening from sleep in his own bed.

In Survival mode there are two scales – health and hunger. To construct any object, you will need to mine the necessary blocks. In addition, in the latest modification of this mode, zombies can attack the character.


The mode is generally similar to the previous one. It is distinguished by the fact that the character has only one life – after his death, the character completely disappears from the game. Also, the player here cannot change the difficulty level. And in the updated editions of the “hardcore” mode, zombies were added that are capable of breaking wooden doors and lifting the character’s things. Another feature of the version is the ability to select combined Hardcore Creative or Hardcore Adventure modes.


This is a new edition of Minecraft, which appeared in version 1.3.1. A distinctive feature of the “adventure” mode is the need to use tools to destroy blocks. In addition, some blocks are completely inaccessible.

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