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More than 5 years have passed since the purchase of Minecraft by Microsoft and more than 10 since the official release of the full version of the game, and sales online don’t even seem to be slowing down. Most recently, Microsoft reported 200 million copies of the game sold and 126 million monthly users. Microsoft is not going to stop at the success of one game and continues to develop and expand the franchise in all directions. Very soon, on May 26, 2020, there will be a release of Minecraft Dungeons – an arcade diablo-like project from Mojang, a copy of which Microsoft kindly provided me with before the official release for writing a review.

Minecraft Dungeons is a standard variation on the Diabloid theme with some arcade-style simplifications of the mechanics to attract an audience of all ages. From the moment the game was first launched, a high level of quality control was noticeable: the game fully supports ultra-wide format monitors, the interface is simple and user-friendly, the graphic settings allow you to limit FPS separately from v-sync, and the control scheme and interaction with the environment is carried straight from the classics of the genre.

Any veteran of the diablo-like genre will instantly feel comfortable and run to crush the mobs. Controlling the character and attacking with melee weapons are assigned to the LMB, and pressing the RMB activates an attack with a ranged weapon. When you hold down the Shift key, the character stops and you can wave the weapon in front of you, and the spacebar or side mouse buttons are locked to roll – no one bothered to reinvent the wheel.

Innovations lie in the approach to character leveling and itemization: there are no skill points, attributes or classes, but upon reaching a new level the player receives one enchantment point, which can be used to “level up” equipment. Any equipment, including regular white items, has one, two or three slots for enchants, each of which can contain up to three unique properties. The player can exchange enchantment points to discover and upgrade these unique properties, which, in fact, will form the character build. Destroying equipment returns the points spent on it to the player.

Mojang simplifies almost all the mechanics of diablo-like games and produces a very simple and understandable game. HP is restored using an endless jar, which has a fixed CD for use. All players have access to only three pieces of equipment: melee weapons, armor, and ranged weapons. Both armor and weapons vary greatly in characteristics: there are short daggers that quickly attack, there are long spears and naginatas that are convenient to keep enemies at a distance, there are various large two-handed swords, some of which hit in AoE, others pierce through opponents, and others They just do a lot of damage to a single target.

With long-range weapons, everything is also varied: bows and crossbows shoot differently, some have a built-in ability to ricochet, others to penetrate the first target, others shoot quickly, others cause a lot of damage with one shot, etc. There are many unique weapons with their own attack patterns, like the harp bow, which normally fires a lot of arrows in AoE, or the crossbow machine gun, which accelerates like a minigun and floods enemies with hundreds of bolts.

Instead of active skills, a system of artifacts is used – special items that can be placed in quick access slots and receive some kind of active skill. The game provides access to new artifacts slowly, and there is little variety on the first playthrough – most of it is focused specifically on team play. Here you can also summon various totems with buffs and debuffs, enchants of weapons in your hands for special attacks, running acceleration, buffs, heals, and abilities that cause damage and various states to enemies.

Some items use a soul system where, after killing enemies, the player absorbs their souls, charging a separate bar of souls that can be spent on special attacks with weapons or artifacts. Some artifacts heal for souls, others cause damage. Weapons can have passive properties that deal damage relative to the number of souls or have a chance to trigger an active state.

As a serious diabloid game, the game is completely untenable, but no one promised a PoE killer from Minecraft Dungeons. As a kind of “first adventure”, as a first diabloid for a growing son or daughter, Minecraft Dungeons is simply ideal, and the parent himself will get great pleasure from turning his child into a fan of mindless grinding.

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