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The project has already been nicknamed “Minecraft 2” online, although you shouldn’t expect a connection with this legendary sandbox.

The creator of one of the world’s most popular video games Minecraft, game designer Markus Persson, known under the nickname Notch, is slowly creating his next game – it first became known back in 2021. So far, very little is known about the project, but there are several screenshots.

They depict gloomy catacombs with cubes and pixel textures, which is why the project has already been nicknamed “Minecraft 2,” although you shouldn’t expect a connection with the legendary sandbox. The game designer says that he is creating the game for himself and does not expect the same positive reaction from the audience as from Minecraft.

According to Persson, the genre will be a looter shooter, but with unique swords and capes. It’s kind of like a mixture of Borderlands and D20 (role-playing game system). The game designer uses Diablo as a reference, only with a first-person view.

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