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In 2022, Minecraft developers announced a ban on the integration of non-fungible tokens into the game. This decision destroyed the NFT project Worlds, which was then gaining momentum. Now the project team hopes for its revival. Over time, the NFT Worlds studio was renamed Nuchain Games, and under the new guise the company developed its own crypto game Nutopia.

The developer is currently launching the sale of nodes for Nuchain, the second-level in-game blockchain. According to the company, Nuchain is based on Arbitrum Orbit technology.

According to the developers, the beta version of the free game Hutopia, which is largely inspired by Minecraft, is planned to be released by the end of the first quarter, and it will be available “only o by invitation.” It is also reported that more than 1 million players have already pre-registered for access to the beta version of Hutopia.

Nutopia arose from the idea of ​​transforming the Minecraft concept using blockchain technology, said the developers of Huchain Games. — Unlike Minecraft, Hutopia uses the capabilities of the Web, which allows for the introduction of a player-driven economy and real ownership of in-game assets.

In the summer of 2022, the world of NFT Worlds was turned upside down due to the decision of the Swedish company Mojang Studios, which developed Minecraft, to ban the integration of NFTs into the game. The fact is that to create its metauniverse, the NFT Worlds project used the Minecraft source code. According to available data, to a certain point, non-fungible NFT Worlds tokens have generated tens of millions of dollars in income from transactions.

The developers of Nutopia hope that the sale of nodes in Nuchain will serve as an “invitation to the global gaming community to receive a reward for their help in ensuring the operation and security of the database howl of the Hutopia network.”

“We contribute to the community and encourage participation in network security,” said the co-founder of Nutopia, Nuchain and ArkDev. — By decentralizing the work of our network, we transfer the keys to it to the community, giving them the opportunity to shape the future of games themselves.

Nuchain Games also stated that the sale of nodes will take place in five stages, with the first four stages “available exclusively to participants from the approved list.”

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