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Minecraft enthusiasts can now take their building projects to the moon.

The Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA) has released a new game called Lunarcraft for Minecraft, which uses real satellite data to create realistic lunar landscapes.

In 2007, the Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center to study the ancient origin and evolution of the Moon. Using data collected from the exploration mission, JAXA reproduced the geological environment of the Moon in the world of Minecraft.

Lunarcraft takes place in the Theophilus Crater, which lies at the foot of the Sea of ​​Nectar. This vast region includes the landing zone of SLIM, which made Japan’s first-ever lunar landing last month.

Lunarcraft includes 7 different missions, from building a base to mining resources and growing crops.

This game can be imported into Minecraft Education or the Bedrock version from the official website.

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